Web Design Pitfalls to Avoid

Whether it is for your business or just a website for you to share your points of view or to help raise awareness in something you deemed is being ignored. Building a website though is not an easy task especially if you are short on funds and just decided to do pretty much everything on your own.
Luckily for us, plenty of content management systems are free and can be easily manipulated even by non-programmers. Of course, you would need plenty of research but given enough time, and help from helpful forum members; you can build a website without paying someone to do it for you. This is not the same though if you are going to build an e-commerce site where you need to beef up the security and add a shopping cart integrated with payment options. Click the video below for more info on building an e-commerce website.

Now that you know that you can build a website, let me warn you of some pitfalls that you should avoid. First off, when choosing what CMS to use, make sure that you do your research, find the one that you would be comfortable working with. Some content management systems may provide you with plenty of features, but they might tend to be very hard to manipulate or edit to suit your needs.
After settling on the best CMS for your skill level, you should avoid using free themes that are very hard to edit. Surely, you do not want your website to look and feel like hundreds of other websites using the same theme. A simple color change or resizing of buttons and the sidebar can instantly change the feel of your website so to be able to do that; the theme has to be easy to edit especially for someone who is not an advanced coder.
When creating additional pages manually, make sure that you use full path link. Relative URLs like /pages/page1.html should be coded as http:// www.website .com/pages/page1.html. This way, search engines would know exactly where to find the page.
Flashy banners and menu links might look good to you, but for search engines, they are completely gibberish. Therefore, in web design, you should avoid flash and/or javascript, especially for menus. Menu links created using means that if a search engine bot crawls through your website from the homepage, it cannot follow the link to the inner pages because they cannot understand javascript. Well, some bots can read it, but you surely do not want to take the risk.
While modifying the website, make sure that you use a validator to ensure that your site has been coded in such a way that it follows the rules of the language used. It is like using a text editor’s spell checker and grammar tools to check if the piece you have written follows the language rules.
Other pitfalls are also present so it is best to read more about building a website so that you can build one that would be easy to use, easy on the eye, and most importantly, easy for search engine bots to read.